About us

Who are we?

Aurora Borealis was original a Skandinavian guild on Grim Batol EU with long raiding history in WoW.  some of us now find our self tired of retail wow and some of the game changes made so we desided to start here on Warmane. We started off trying to stay Skandinavian  here as well but after countless attempts to recruit we had to throw in the towel and go international.

We progress at a comfortable level, while still holding a respectable server rank. Raiders earn rank by maintaining consistent attendance, showing progressive improvement, and by coming to raids prepared and ready to kick  ass.  Any member who earns rank, must also work to keep that rank by not slacking off or getting comfortable with their status in the guild. While placing our primary focus on raid performance and preparation, we encourage out of  raid activities and also play other games. We want to do our best to avoid “raid logging” to create a quality and fun environment.

Raid Times

The majority of our players have shown success raiding at a competitive level for years, but don’t necessarily have the time or desire to raid 20+ hours per week.

Thursday 19:00-23:00

Sunday 19:00-23:00

10man and Alt raids will occur outside of our raid schedule